Post-Processing Modes Post-Processing Modes

Structural Post-Processing results for modes are obtained with the command:

     MODES_POST, TYPE(1), ...., TYPE(i)  -OPTIONS

where TYPE(i) must be chosen from VALUES or VECTOR. and the available options are:

     -LOAD, :LSEL


With modes, the "load cases" are the names M00000001, M00000002, etc. where 1 designates the first mode, 2 the second mode, etc. The -LOAD option can be used to select modes based on this nomenclature. If TYPE is VALUES, then the eigenvalues (natural frequencies) for the selected modes will be reported. If TYPE is VECTOR then the eigenvectors (normal modes) for each node selected by -NODE :NODE_SEL will be reported.

With a TYPE of VECTOR, the command works the same way the joint deflections do. In particular, one can issue &PICTURE -TYPE STRUCT immediately after the command to plot the mode shape.