Bending Moments and Shears Bending Moments and Shears

Bending moments and shears are somewhat different from the other commands in the Structural Post-Processing Menu in that one is placed in the Disposition Menu so that the results can be graphed, viewed, or saved. To obtain these results, one should issue the command:


here SELE_DATA is the data that selects the beams to be processed and is either:

     BMOM_SHR, ELE(1), ELE(2), ... ... ELE(n-1)  -OPTIONS


     BMOM_SHR, *NODE(1), *NODE(2), ... *NODE(n)  -OPTIONS

where the only option is:

     -LOAD, :LSEL

With the first form of this command, one defines a string of beams which lie in a line by specifying their names, ELE(i). With the second, the elements are defined by the elements connecting a string of nodes. With this form of the command, the string function &NODE(N_2NODES *NODE(1), *NODE(n)) can be used here to find the intermediate nodes; i.e. an alternative to the above is:


Please notice that SP_BEAMS are not real "elements" so that for this type of element, the first form of the command must be used. When either of these commands is issued, MOSES will find the beams connecting the nodes and store the element forces for each stress point of each beam according to the distance of the stress point from the first node of ELE(1) or *NODE(1) depending upon how the command was issued. The loads for up to 10 loads cases selected by :LSEL will be considered. After the data has been obtained, the user is placed in the Disposition Menu to dispose of it as he sees fit.

Another command which deals with moments and shears is:

     COUNT_FM_POST, ELE(1), ELE(2), ... ... ELE(n-1)  -OPTIONS


     COUNT_FM_POST, *NODE(1), *NODE(2), ... *NODE(n)  -OPTIONS

where the options are:

     -FM_BINS, F(1), M(1), ....., F(n), M(n)


which allows one to have the number of cycles of the bending moments and shears broken down into "bins". The beams are selected for processing as with the BMOM_SHR command. The -FM_BINS option defines the values for force, F(i) (bforce), and moment, M(i) (bforce-blength) which are used to delimit the bins, and the -DURATION option selects the durations which will be used to count the cycles.