By entering the command


the user can enter the Process Post-Processing Menu to obtain results of a process. In this menu, one can select certain aspects of the process for further investigation. MOSES then places him in the Disposition Menu to either view results, find the extremes or statistics of the results, graph the results, store the results, or report the results.

The precise commands available in this menu depend on the type of process being considered and the detail of the model. MOSES checks the database to see if information for a given command is available. If it is not, then the user will not see the command in the command list. After obtaining all desired results, the user should issue the END_PRCPOST command to return to the Main Menu.

This menu offers extreme flexibility. However, at times, the user may wish to receive a fixed body of information. Two commands:




are available. The LAUP_STD command is used for fixed reports and graphs of a launch. It will produce a report of the trajectory, velocity, acceleration, and constraint forces, as well as pictures of the launch, and graphs of the tiltbeam reactions versus position. The STP_STD command is for post-processing a static process. Here, the reports of position, stability, height, draft marks, and sling tensions will be produced. Pictures of the process and graphs of the metacentric heights are also generated.