Post-Processing Compartment Ballast Post-Processing Compartment Ballast

MOSES provides three commands for the post-processing of the ballast in compartments. For all of these, :CMP_SEL defines the compartments or holes for which results will be reported, and the only option is:


Here, EVE_BEGIN and EVE_END are the beginning and ending event numbers for which the results will be computed, and EVE_INC is an event increment. The corresponding form of the REPORT command is:


where the only option is -EVENTS.

The TANK_BAL command simply reports the: percentage full, sounding, ullage, amount of ballast, pressure head, maximum differential head across the compartment wall, and flow rate in the selected compartments.


The HOLE_FLOODING reports the pressure, external head, internal head, differential head, and flow rate for each hole.


The TANK_FLD command is something of a combination of


the other two commands. It reports both capacity information, flow information, and if there is only a single active hole, head information. It also estimates a time required to perform the flooding and thus is useful when one has a static process but wishes to estimate the time required.