Picture Selection Picture Selection

There are quite a few options which can be used to paint only a portion of the data available. They are:
















     -ENDS, :END_SEL(1), ..., :END_SEL(4)

The three options -XG_WIND, -YG_WIND, and -ZG_WIND provide the ability to select portions of the model for viewing. MOSES checks the coordinates of each element of the picture against a "window" in space and scales the plot so that only those strings which are within the window will be plotted. Here, X_MIN and X_MAX define the limits of the window in the global X direction. Likewise, Y_MIN and Y_MAX define the window in the global Y direction and Z_MIN and Z_MAX do so in the global Z direction.

One may select only a portion of the strings for viewing by using some of the remaining options listed above. The -CONNECTORS, -POINTS, and -ONE_VERTEX options define a selector defining the connectors, points, or one vertex elements (strings with a single vertex) which will be plotted. If the selector is @ then all all will be shown, if it is blank, then none will be plotted, etc. The values D_MIN and D_MAX define the minimum and maximum diameter (inches or mm) of the shape used to represent the points. The diameter used will be based on the diameter of the elements in the model. The -POINTS option can be used in conjunction with -ANNOTATE POINTS to show specific points in the model.

The -RATIO, -CDR, and -STRESS options selects strings for plotting based on the value of their "ratio" "cdr" or "stress". Only strings with a ratio, cdr, or stress between BEG_RATIO and END_RATIO will be plotted. With the -NAMES, -BODY, -PART, -PIECE, -PARENT, -CATEGORY, or -ENDS options the selectors: :NAME_SEL, :BODY_SEL, :PART_SEL, :PART_SEL, :PIECE_SEL, :CAT_SEL, and :END_SEL(1), ..., :END_SEL(4) will select strings based on the values of the appropriate quantities associated with the string. To qualify for being in a picture, a string must be selected by all five selection criteria.