The &TABLE Menu The &TABLE Menu

A menu is provided so that the user can simply input data and have it written as either a CSV (comma separated value) or a HTML file. To exercise this capability, one should enter the command:


followed by as many records as necessary to define the rows of the table. You should have the same number of tokens in each row (input record) and if you want to have spaces in a token, you should delimit the token with either a " or a '. To have a cell blank, you can use either " " or NA or NOT_USED. The following options control the appearance of the table:


     -TITLE, NCOL(1), CT(1), .... NCOL(n), CT(n)

     -BOLD, YES_NO

     -H_SKIP, YES_NO



     -EXTR_SHADE, COL_SEL(1), COL_SEL(2), .....

     -V_LINES, COL_SEL(1), COL_SEL(2), .....

After defining the rows, you should end the table with


The -HEADING and -TITLE options define the text at the top of the table and you probably want more than one of each. The headings and titles are emitted in the order the options are specified and the headings are emitted before the title. If the -BOLD option is specified with YES_NO if YES then the titles and headings will be set in "bold" type, and if the -H_SKIP option is specified with YES_NO of YES then a line will be skipped between each heading. In actuality, headings are simply a title which spans all of the columns of the table. Titles, however, can span NCOL(i) columns.

The -ROW_SHADE option instructs MOSES to shade the rows two at a time. If this option is selected with YES_NO of YES you will get two white rows followed by two rows shaded in light green. The -FIGURES option offers a way to change the display of the numbers. It says to change the number of figures after the decimal point for columns selected by COL_SEL to be RIGHT figures. You can specify more that one -FIGURES option. The -EXTR_SHADE option is used to define the columns for which the maximum and minimum values will be shaded in a different color. Here, COL_SEL(i) are selectors for the columns which will be shaded. COL_SEL(i) can be a single number which selects that mode number, or a pair of numbers A:B which selects all modes from A to B. The -V_LINES option defines the columns where vertical lines will be drawn at the right. Vertical lines are always drawn at the left of column 1 and to the right of the last column. If you have a column selector of 1, then a vertical line will be drawn between columns 1 and 2.

For CSV tables, the -H_SKIP, -BOLD, -ROW_SHADE, -EXTR_SHADE, and -V_LINES options have no effect.