Obtaining Propulsion/Weather Envelopes Obtaining Propulsion/Weather Envelopes

The PROP_MAX command is used to obtain an envelope of the maximum wind, current, and wave which yields one propulsion unit having maximum thrust. The form of this command is:


Here, CNAME is the name of the control assembly which will be checked. When issued, this command will use the current environment and iterate a the maximum wind, wave and current. These will be done in order so that the results will be the maximum maximum environmental component which can act with the others at their nominal values. For example, suppose that the current environment is defined with

     &ENV -WIND 100 90 -CURRENT 3.0 45 -SEA ISSC 135 10 7

The results of this comand will be a table with four columns labeled Heading, Max Wind, Max Current, and Max Wave. The column labeled Max Wind is the maximum wind speed at 90 degrees acting in concert with a current of 3 at 45 degrees and a sea of significant height of 10 at 135. These are reported as a function of vessel heading.