Tug Connector Classes Tug Connector Classes

In MOSES, one can simulate the effect of a tug boat attached to a body. Basically, this is a connector that applies a force in a constant global direction. When dynamic simulations are considered, the force the tug applies varies with wave amplitude at the tug position. A tug connector class is described using:


where the available options are:


     -DAMPING, C

Here, FORCE is the force of the tug in bforce units. Statically, this force is simply the amount specified. Dynamically, the force varies according to %FORCE, which is the significant percentage of force change. PHASE is the phase angle in degrees, relative to the wave crest. This data is specified using the -T_DYNAM option. The -DAMPING option defines a dashpot at the end of the tug with a constant C (bforce-sec/ft or bforce-sec/meter).