Curves of Form Curves of Form

Perhaps the most primitive hydrostatic results are those which normally comprise the curves of form. To generate this type of result with MOSES, one should issue the CFORM command. After the properties have been computed, MOSES will place the user in the Disposition Menu so that he can dispose of the results as he desires. This command produces two hard copy reports in the Disposition Menu: BASIC and COEFFICIENT. The first of these contains the condition, displacement, center of buoyancy, waterplane area, center of flotation, and the metacentric heights. The second contains the condition, the wetted surface, the load to change draft, and the moment to trim. If no data is specified on the REPORT command in the Disposition Menu, then both reports will be printed.

The form of the command for curves of form is:


and the available options are:


     -ROLL, INC, NUM



Here, the initial draft, roll, and trim are specified by DRAFT, ROLL, and TRIM, and the number of conditions and the increment are defined by one of the first three options. If the -DRAFT option was specified, then draft will be incremented by INC (feet or meters) NUM times. Similar results are obtained with either -ROLL or -PITCH, except that here INC is in degrees and roll and/or pitch will be incremented. Finally, the -WAVE option controls the static wave as discussed previously.