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Ten Newest Questions:

Q: Is the added mass coefficient reported by MOSES the total added mass? In other words, will the total added mass be the displacement x the added mass coefficient reported or displacement x (1 + added mass coefficient reported).
REV 7.01

Q: Is there a summary that contains beam K Factors?
REV 7.01

Q: How can I change the number of lines per page in the out file?
REV 7.01

Q: Why are my plot titles not centered?
REV 7.01

Q: Is it possible to get the hydrostatic stiffness matrix from MOSES?
REV 7.01

Q: Does MOSES report single or double amplitude motions/accel results?
REV 7.02

Q: What does "WET RADII OF GYRATION" mean?
REV 7.04

Q: Why do I sometimes get the message "*** INFORMATION: Too Many Selected Maximum is 8 - Excess is Ignored" when I am reporting locations of points of interest?
REV 7.04

Q: Can MOSES save the values in the DISPOSITION menu to a CSV file?
REV 7.05

Q: How is the EVE_INC parameter for the -EVENT option for reporting commands in the PRCPOST Menu related to the time step specified on the &ENV command?
REV 7.05