Obsolete Concept Questions

Q: I used to run MOSES Ver 6.00 in DOS batch file and and it worked nicely. MOSES run one by one in sequence. Why does this not work in Rev 6.01 or 6.02?
REV 6.02

A: The little MOSES that starts the big MOSES was changed. Instead of your batch file being:

\dummy\moses   path1\root1
\dummy\moses   path2\root2
\dummy\moses   path3\root3
\dummy\bin\win32\moses   path1\root1
\dummy\bin\win32\moses   path2\root2
\dummy\bin\win32\moses   path3\root3
and it will work as before.

Q: The attached file aborts on WINDOWS XP with REV 7.00 but run fine on REV 6.02. On some machines, it will run once but fail if it is run a second time. Why?
REV 7.00

A: You are showing pictures to the screen while running MOSES from a .cif file. You should never do this as MOSES will become confused. By the way this has been a problem since at least REV 5.07.

Q: Before REV 7.02 I could change the TANAKA factor and produce RAOs for different values in the same output file. How do I do this now?
REV 7.02

A: The following should produce what you want:

   g_pressure   -heading 90
   &loop h (1.0 1.5 2.0 2.5 )
       &subtitle tanaka factor = %h
       &loop pie ( &names(pieces) )
          &describe piece %pie -tanaka %h
       rao  -heading 90 -steep 13
The important thing is that in the past the TANAKA factor and damping were associated with the hydrodynamic data. This is no longer the case, do that you only need to change the factor and then recompute RAOs.

Q: Why do I get the message:
*** ERROR: &INTEREST Is Not a Valid Command At This Time
REV 7.02

A: Your problem is that the &INTEREST Menu became obsolete with REV 6.00 (Sept 2001)! This is discussed in the release documentation for that release. Click here for a description of the changes and how to fix your input.

Q: Why do I get the message:
*** FATAL ERROR: File Type PPOUT Has Not Been Defined?
REV 7.02

A: Your problem is that the command

     &device -use_file ppout xxxxx
is no longer valid. It has been replaced with
    &channel ppout -file xxxxx