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Can't Find the Answer?:

If you do not find the answer here, please send us an e-mail at If you have questions about specific MOSES results or encounter unexpected error messages, you will need to send us a simple set of MOSES data which exhibits the problem. In particular:
  • A MOSES data file,

  • A MOSES cif file with all commands used to generate the results. If you type something at the prompt, the cif file does not meet these requirements. Running moses filename.cif must be all that is necessary to generate your output, and

  • The output and log files that result from running MOSES with the input.
This is more than one file, so please send them as a single ZIP file attachment. The information must be complete so that we can run MOSES to reproduce your results. Failure to follow these guidelines will result in a delay in your getting a positive answer to your question.