Technical Limits
We really want your experience with MOSES to be pleasant and rewarding, and we try very hard to make this possible. However, there are some topics related to the operation of the software where we simply have no control. The list below identifies some of these topics. We wish we could change these things to make your MOSES experience even better, but this is not possible.

Load Sum Problems:

There are cases when summing loads in MOSES, the sums will not equal zero. This is a limitation of the precision of the computer and not a shortcoming in MOSES, which uses double precision in most places.

Floating Point Overflow:

Floating Point Overflows are a fact of life with x86 processors and Windows based operating systems. This usually means you are using bad data.

Different Answers on Different Computers:

Different computers will yield different answers for the same input. Normally, these differences are small enough to be ignored, but they are different.